DownloadNameVersionLast UpdHome PageNotes
X bzip2 v1.0.2 29-07-02 X (*)
X unrar 3.5.4 08/01/2006 X
X zlib(minizip/miniunzip/untgz) 1.1.4 29-07-02 X (*)
XX wget 1.8.2 16-09-02 X (*) background mode is not implemented (fork)
update 24-10-02
XX lha 1.14i 6-11-02 X not compressed
output forced to RWED
X lame cvs 14-01-03 15-01-03 X quick port of the unix version, no linsndfile support
X Iconificator 1.0 xx-xx-03 X serial icon copier
X Ripper 2.51 03/06/2004 X mui cdda ripper and sound converter
X Miaou 0.1beta2 02/05/2005 X audio input recorder
X mp3gain 1.4.3 06/05/2004 X from sourceforge
X alphatools 1.2 03/06/2004 X tifftopng, png&tiff 32bit "loaders" for ifx, scripts for tvpaint...
X switchpegmic 0.1 08/01/2006 X Switch pegasos VT82C686 AC97 Audio Controller microphone input
X dt2png 0.11 11/02/2006 X Convert pictures recognized by datatypes to png
X mp3lame library 0.6 02-2005 X library enabling mp3 writing in ripper&miaou
X ffmpeg 0.4.6 ??-06-02 X (*) libmp3lame builtin
X ffmpeg cvs 11-01-03 15-01-03 X some timing fixes
X gnuboy 1.0.3 02-08-02 X gameboy color emulator with sound
joypad fixed
X various sdl demos - 29-07-02 X water demo is very nice :)
X mpeg2enc-dec 1.2 31-07-02 X sources from MPEG Software Simulation Group
X mencoder cvs 22-12-02 23-12-02 X (*) video converter with some effects
X mengui beta 09-11-03 X gui for mencoder
X goom beta testing only xx-08-03 X kaya plugin
X g-force beta testing only ??-08-03 X kaya plugin

* requiere ixemul library

most of these ports are "free" and where often compiled without any modifications to the original sources(except optimization flags), you can get the sources on their respective home pages